Businesses registration

Business Organization can be established and registered in Kosovo for any lawful purpose and may perform any lawful activity specified in the nomenclature of activity codes.


Codes are numbers that match the activity of business you chose to open.


Forms that need to be filled to open a business contain a part where you are required to write the code (on the left side) and the written description (on the right side) of the business in question. List of Codes can be on the website of KBRA Codes are four digits.


Kosovo Business Registration Agency (KBRA) registers all new businesses, modifications of business data, business shut down, issuance of registration certificate  with fiscal number, certificate of value added tax, import-export certificate, provides information and free forms.


Following types of businesses are registered at KBRA: Individual businesses, general partnerships, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Joint stock companies, foreign companies, socially owned enterprises and Agricultural cooperatives.


Since these types in legal responsibilities differ from each other, also documents required for their initial registration are different. Each applicant should ensure for the form of business they require registering before they apply for initial registration.